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Detailed description

SP201 Spraying Device is developed specially for manufacturing fuel cell CCM, using electrostatic spray theory, which can achieve the slurry utilization up to 97.5% with high uniformity of slurry coating and can assure the stability and repeatability on sample preparation, and it is very suitable for the research and development of fuel cell MEA and catalyst etc.



1, Using desk-type design with reasonable and compact structure, integrating precision motion control module, ultrasonic spraying module, precision injection pump and vacuum heating platform etc. and entire device is just same as a common printer, which can be placed conveniently on the draught cupboard, laboratory table etc.

2, The electrostatic spraying module of Spraying Device special function is not only safety and high efficiency, but also multi-purpose, and it can achieve the preparation of Nano electrostatic textile material(disordered /ordered).

It can be used in university and research institute etc.


Technical Data:


Module System

Item Name



Overall     Device Size



Desk-type     design

Power Supply     Module



Not     including vacuum pump(160w,need from external)

Rated     Power


Spraying     Module

Feed   Pump   Type

Precision     Injection Pump

Flow     Range



Sample     Platform


Vacuum     Absorption,Heating

Heating&Temp     Control Range

Indoor     Temp--110

Anti     over-temperature


Control     Way

Off-grid     Spraying

SD Card     Control

Supporting     Solidworks, CAD Format

On-line     Spraying


Rapid     corresponding, suitable for fuel cell status analysis.

Extended     Function

Electrostatic     Spinning

Electrostatic     Spinning

Ordered     and disordered for option



1,PEM fuel cell, Direct Methanol fuel cell MEA Preparation

2,Solar Cell category.

3,Other Spraying category of Medium Viscosity less than 50mm2/s.

4,Electrostatic spinning category.