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Who is affiliated to Shanxi Yanchang Oil Group who is one of top world 500 Enterprises, is jointly established through Kunshan High Tech Industrial Zone and Nanjing University Institute in Kunshan City of China in 2011, based on talent strength of Nanjing University Environment Material and Recycle Energy R&D Institute Center, and Technology innovation carrier of Nanjing University-Kunshan Solar high utility Tech Engineering Center.

Sunlaite Company just got two category:Fuel cell system and Smart Lighting & Electricity system. Smart Lighting & Electricity is including wind turbine series, solar panel, Hybrid street lamp series,Solar LED series, Wind Generator series etc.

Fuel Cell system is including Cell Catalyst, Cell Stacks, Cell MEA, HyMo solution,fuel cell equipment solution etc.

Our company got the certifications and qualifications of CE,CMA, ISO9001 and State High Tech Enterprise, and we also got many high credits,including Jiangsu Province graduate station, Suzhou Key Laboratory for High Utility Tech, Tech Service Star Enterprise, Suzhou Talent Tech workstation etc. Regarding for Hydrogen Fuel Cell, we win a Golden Medal of Geneva international invention award and a special award for delegation from the University of Abdallah about Cell Catalyst and Membrane Electrode Assembly, and we can supply diversified customization for every customer with Fuel Cell manufacturing equipment,Testing equipment,Systematic Integration solution and designing and building of hydrogen refueling station etc.

And Sunlaite company is also a leading comprehensive enterprise with R&D and manufacturing for key material of hydrogen fuel cell to the terminal application solution, currently, we have already owned 12 key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and we own several production lines and advanced equipment for fuel cell accessories and material, well equipped quality testing center and testing laboratory etc, which can assure the product stability of quality and performance.R&D strength: the team have more than 26 staffs, among them, 5 Doctor Degrees, 11 Master and Bachelor Degrees.

Production strength:the company owns R&D Center with 500 square meters, and factory area with more than 10000 square meters.