Development History
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Development History:

May of 2011,Kunshan Sunlaite New Energy Co.,Ltd was established.

May of 2011, Be selected for Dual Initiative Talent Plan.

Nine of 2011, Successfully applied for Pioneer of Entrepreneurship and innovation.

In early 2014, got third grade qualification of City Road Lighting Engineering Contracting and Safe Construction Permit.

In 2014,  got the certifications of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO18001 Occupational Health Management System etc.

May of 2014, got the initial Energy Performance Contracting Project in Kunshan City, China.

June of 2014, Successfully applied for a special fund for S&T achievement transformation of Jiangsu Province in China.

October of 2014, got a primarily approved by national high tech enterprise in China.

May of 2015, got a technological enterprise of Jiangsu Province in China

Nov of 2017, Professor Mai Liqiang team of our company was selected for Jiangsu Province Dual Initiative Team and Kunshan Dual Initiative Team.

Nov of 2017, Confirmed to be approved by national high tech qualification(reviewed), in the meantime, two products of our company, Fuel Cell Nano Platinum Carbon Electricity Catalyst and Fuel Cell Special Electrostatic Spraying Instrument, got approved certification of high tech product.

June of 2018, got a certification of the most potential tech talent entrepreneurship enterprise in Jiangsu Province in China.

April of 2019, be selected for high tech enterprise of the first to be put into storage in China.

Sept of 2019, Yanchang Oil Group who is one of 500 top world invest in shares with the company, and Jiangsu Yanchang Sunlaite New Energy Co.,LTD is jointly established.