R&D Strength
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     ²R&D Strength

     ◎The team have more than 26 staffs, among them, 5 Doctor Degrees, 11 Master and Bachelor Degrees. Jointly construct  Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Joint Lab with Taiwan Yongguang Chemical Group


     ◎July of 2012, Celebration of 110th anniversary of the founding of the Nanjing University


     ²Hydrogen Fuel Cell key material large scale production line:

     Hydrogen Fuel Cell catalyst and MEA mass production process successfully transferred to incubated manufacturer SUNLAITE company to manufacture and promote and applied for a special fund for S&T achievement transformation of Jiangsu Province in China. 

     Cell Catalyst large scale production line(design production scale about 300kgs per year in 2014,and factory expansion in 2020)


     Cell MEA large scale production line(design production scale about 6000m2 per year in 2014, and factory expansion in 2020)


     ²Outline of Pilot Production Line

     ◎Independent design and assembly to large-area DSSC pilot production complete set of equipment and large scale manufacturing process, which turns out to produce 1MW annually, and the pilot product is new and high efficient DSSC 100*100mm and 200&200mm in large area.


     Notes: Large-area DSSC pilot production complete set of equipment and large scale manufacturing process.

     ²Testing Equipment

     Owing GO-2000B Distribution Photometer, HAAS-2000 Integrating Sphere Testing System, LT500A Accelerated aging life testing system etc.

As for lighting and lamps,we can Provide performance testing of lighting,color and electricity, light spatial distribution testing, lamps accelerated aging and life testing,lamps protection level and safety testing service etc.


Lamps Spatial Distribution Testing System    Lamps Accelerated Aging Life Testing System    Lamps Lighting Color Electricity Testing System

     ²Pilot test overview

      Biomass Fuel Development Dept Technology Road Map

◎Our company has successfully designed and assemblied a bio diesel pilot production line with annual capacity 10000L,and got a patent protection, this production line use new solid catalyst which features that not sensitive to free acid content and water content of raw material, short response time, high transfer efficiency, more than one year of catalyst service life etc.