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High Temperature Humidification Type
  • Product name:HX1-Humidification MEA
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Detailed description

MEA,based on CCM Technique, is the key assembly of PEMFC, is the heart of Hydrogen Fuel Cell, is the right place of chemical material converting into electric energy.

MEA of Sunlaite company just got a power density up to 1.05W/cm2@0.65V, which reach an advanced level around the world, and win Geneva International Invention Award.

The total loading  catalyst of MEA is 0.6mg/cm2, among them, Pt loading in the Cathode is not less than 0.4mg/cm2, and Pt loading in the Anode is not less than 0.2mg/cm2.

Power density is not less than 0.9W/cm2 (@0.65V)

Technique Characteristics:

1,High Power Density, low price, long life.

2,Good Uniform Thickness.

3,Can supply 3 layer, 5 layer and 7 layer MEA.

4,Max Efficiency Product area 300*290mm